What is cool?

Helping network operators be agile while eliminating outages and vulnerabilities

Veriflow Named

Last week we were named to Gartner’s Cool Vendor report for Enterprise Networking. I’d like to think we are cool because we have a team made up of the top computer scientists and engineers from around the globe. But the reason we are cool, why we get out of bed every day, and why we think Gartner named Veriflow to their “Cool Vendor” list is because we are helping the networking industry evolve in the design and automation of the network which leads to eliminating network outages and vulnerabilities using a completely new paradigm.

Gartner’s “Cool Vendor” list focuses on companies that are innovative, impactful and intriguing. According to this year’s Cool Vendors in Enterprise Networking report highlights companies that are, “providing innovative ways to improve network agility, increase network availability and optimize costs within enterprise networks.” At Veriflow we know that our patented Continuous Network Verification technology is doing just this and predicting the future is very cool, so we are ecstatic that only a year after coming out of stealth and less than six months after our general availability release we are receiving this recognition from Gartner.

In the past, the focus for Cool Vendor has been on disruptors that are more than a mere fad. Our Intent-Based Networking (IBN) approach sets Veriflow up to be a technology that is going to truly change the way network operators look at design and deployment of network infrastructures. We are going to disrupt the way network operators achieve and build resilient networks. This technology is future facing but is here today. And this is why Veriflow is not just innovative, it is also impactful.

The best thing for us in gaining this recognition, it is not the first time we have been called cool. CRN named one of the “Coolest Startups,” in 2016 and for a networking company being nominated and making it to the Top 10 of RSA’s Innovation Sandbox for top new start–ups solving network security’s biggest challenges was pretty cool as well. But even before RSA at Veriflow we went up against hundreds of applicants and won the Barclays’ 2016 Innovation Challenge award, for technology that is most likely to impact the financial landscape. It has been quite a year for our company.

But to be cool, we need to be helping our customers. And we are, listen to James Kelly, the senior director of networking engineering at Pandora who said, “We chose Veriflow because it helps us catch network problems before they happen, and no other solution does that proactively and accurately. We can now easily verify if the network is behaving exactly as expected.”

Helping our customers build and maintain their ideal network, is cooler than being “cool.” Our customers have some of the most complex environments in networking. We help them tackle complexity in environments that have a mix of legacy technologies, virtualization as well as SDN, containers and whatever may come next. Our ability to allow network operators to be agile while reducing network downtime and MTTR is why Veriflow exists. Our mission is lofty, to eliminate network outages and vulnerabilities, one we have made significant progress toward, and that is cool.

Read the Cool Vendor Report from Gartner and learn how Veriflow and other technologies are driving agility, increasing uptime while reducing costs.