Veriflow Streamlines Continuous Network Security Compliance

Network Security Compliance

Organizations in all industries implement various information-security standards and regulations, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and ISO 27001, to mitigate technology risks that cause enormous financial and reputational losses. These standards, which also apply to computer networks, include guidelines for implementation of policies to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, also known as the CIA triad. Current approaches to verify regulatory and standards compliance include resource-intensive, sample-based, periodic audits, which fall short of truly mitigating business risks. Veriflow enables continuous and comprehensive network security compliance using continuous network verification.

Challenges of Network Compliance
The threat landscape is constantly changing for the worse. In parallel, organizations continually need to modify networks to meet on-going necessities of the business. Since compliance audits are a periodic and sample-based process, they are not enough to mitigate business risks at all times. The true spirit of compliance to information security standards is to be always compliant, not just at the time of audit, and to be holistically compliant, not just in a sampled portion of the network. The current processes of any compliance audit are time-consuming and resource-intensive, and thus very costly. The manual collection and documentation of evidence, even on a sample of a network, is challenging and prone to mistakes.

Benefits of Veriflow Solution
Veriflow’s continuous compliance solution is unique in its design and scope, unlike legacy techniques such as penetration testing, traffic analysis or configuration checks. Veriflow performs mathematically exhaustive analysis of the entire network’s state against a set of broadly defined policies, and it does so proactively, before vulnerabilities can be exploited. This approach enables comprehensive insights regarding the network’s operational correctness: if there is vulnerability in the network, Veriflow will find it and provide precise examples that reveal how to fix the flaw. The underlying technology provides rapid analysis of security policies, enabling continuous policy enforcement. It enables ease of compliance via “policy packs” for various information security standards. Network administrators can easily generate evidence for audits, such as network topology diagrams, without reliance on manual periodic sampling. Organizations can make Veriflow an integral part of the network operations workflow, to greatly reduce time and resources required to continuously maintain comprehensive compliance through automation.