Veriflow partners with Arista to bring continuous verification to CloudVision streaming telemetry platform

Today we’re excited to share the news that Arista and Veriflow are partnering to integrate Veriflow’s mathematical network verification with Arista’s new CloudVision NetDB Streaming technology.

Data centers and enterprise networks are becoming increasingly complex, and at the same time are struggling with an accelerating pace of change. Breaches and outages continue seemingly unabated and most of these can be ultimately traced to human factors that are the reality in a complex, fast-moving enterprise.

What we believe has been missing is a reliable way to determine if a network-wide change will lead to a vulnerability or outage. That’s where mathematical network verification fits: using ideas from the field of formal verification, Veriflow predicts network-wide data flow behavior, before users experience outages and before vulnerabilities are exploited.

NetDB’s streaming APIs further empower Veriflow’s rigorous verification of the network through a stream of fine-grained, real-time state information from NetDB.

In addition, Veriflow’s integration with CloudVision brings the power of math directly to the workflow of network and security engineers. The result is what we call continuous verification — mathematically verifying the policy implications of each change to the network as it happens. This workflow is key to minimizing security vulnerabilities and change-induced incidents.

Arista has a vision for networking as software-driven, and driven by view of the whole network together, rather than one device at a time. That’s a powerful vision that aligns well with ours. We’re looking forward to working with Arista in the coming months to provide their customers with improved visibility on a network-wide basis, helping to further reduce risks and speed day-to-day tasks.

For more, check out Arista’s next-generation telemetry announcement.