Veriflow Launches Disruptive Platform; Survey Reveals Complexity, Change and Human Factors Cause Network Outages and Vulnerabilities

Today, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of our innovative platform, Veriflow. The platform is specifically designed to eliminate outages and vulnerabilities across complex networks. It’s been an incredible eight-month journey that started with us coming out of stealth in April and then announcing our $8.2M in Series A funding in July. In addition to announcing the general availability of our product, we’re pleased to announce Pandora as our first customer.

When asked, what helped seal the deal, James Kelly, the senior director of networking engineering at Pandora said, “We chose Veriflow because it helps us catch network problems before they happen, and no other solution does that proactively and accurately. We can now easily verify if the network is behaving exactly as expected.”

And the software is able to do this by using patented continuous network verification algorithms to predict all possible network-wide behavior and to mathematically verify whether this network model meets desired security and resilience policies. Built for network administrators, engineers, architects, and executives, the virtual appliance, which can be deployed in the cloud or on premises, minimizes the risk of network vulnerabilities and outages, reduces staff time required for manual management processes — including change verification and compliance — and reduces time to resolution of incidents.

Survey Results

In additional to officially launching our product, we announced the results of our global survey that revealed complexity, change and human factors are key causes of today’s network outages and vulnerabilities. The report, which was conducted by Dimensional Research, it surveyed 315 networking professionals about their experiences with network outages, vulnerabilities, and compliance. Some of the key findings that came out of the report include:

  • 97 percent admit that human factors cause network outages
  • Two thirds state that monitoring solutions fail to predict most issues
  • 74 percent indicate network changes significantly impact the business several times a year or more
  • 4 out of 10 companies do not have network segmentation properly implemented

Outages and Vulnerabilities

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With the launch of our product and report, we hope to see our momentum in the marketplace continue to rise. We believe network architects and engineers shouldn’t have to “guess” when it comes to making changes to their network and then pray that whatever change they do make doesn’t cause a massive failure. Using Veriflow, they’ll be able to confidently verify every change they make before they even make it.