Veriflow joins ONUG Open IT Framework Initiative

ONUG Open IT Framework Initiative

With the Open Networking User Group (ONUG) Spring 2016 conference held this week in Mountain View, CA, Veriflow announced that it is joining ONUG’s Open Network State Format initiative aimed at enabling collection and analytics of network state data in multi-vendor enterprise environments.

On Tuesday, ONUG announced initiatives to advocate for four technologies that it says would help enterprises transition to an open software-defined infrastructure. The four initiatives are:

  • An Open SD-WAN Exchange to allow multiple software-defined WAN solutions to interconnect.
  • An Open Interoperable Control Plane to smoothly tie together parts of a software-defined data center that are built on different network overlay solutions.
  • An Open Traffic Management Format to improve visibility by taking data from all physical and virtual network devices and steering it into analytical software.
  • An Open Network State Format to devise a common cross-vendor format to share information about the state of network devices, such as connectivity, packet forwarding rules, and error conditions.

This fourth initiative is of special interest to Veriflow. As Nick Lippis, co-founder of ONUG, observed, an open state format could help startups like Veriflow build comprehensive management systems.

You can read more about the new ONUG initiatives in a article, Enterprise Networkers Have Organized: Here Are Their Demands.

At Veriflow, we believe a deep understanding of the reality of network-wide, multi-vendor state is essential for security and resilience in today’s complex, changing environments. We’re excited to be part of the ONUG initiative.