Veriflow Ensures Continuous Network Availability and Resilience

Continuous Network Availability and Resilience

Data communications networks form the backbone of modern businesses, which make significant investments to ensure 24×7 availability of applications and services even in case of disaster. However, network availability and resilience goals are often not met due to complexity, human error and continual change, thus causing direct and indirect financial losses for every organization. Current approaches to verifying network high availability, which are based upon legacy tools, traffic simulations or network events, are not sufficient. Veriflow ensures network availability and resilience continuously and comprehensively by using continuous network verification.

Challenges of Network Availability
The most important function of any network is to provide connectivity, which requires piecing together many technologies from multiple device vendors. Any breakdown that causes loss or degradation of communication can be disruptive for business. Organizations make significant investments in resilient disaster-recovery architectures, only to find out that failover to redundant infrastructure did not work at the time of need. Gradual or intermittent degradation of connectivity due to factors such as maximum transmission unit (MTU) mismatch or quality of service (QoS) issues are even harder to detect.

Unfortunately, network operations teams lack the tools necessary to proactively identify such failures. Traditional means of verifying reachability employ manual hop-by-hop checks, single-layer checks (ping, traceroute) or basic scripting. Monitoring network events or analyzing live traffic are not sufficient for detecting failure, because by the time the problem is discovered it is already happening, and users are already complaining. Thus operations staff cannot comprehensively predict failure; instead, they waste precious time and resources in reactive firefighting.

Benefits of Veriflow Solution
Veriflow’s solution is well suited for ensuring application availability and network resilience, unlike legacy techniques such as per-hop checks, traffic analysis or event monitoring. Veriflow performs mathematically exhaustive analysis of the entire network’s state against a set of broadly-defined policies. This predictive approach enables comprehensive insights regarding the network’s operational correctness: if there is any potential outage in the network, Veriflow will find it and provide precise examples that reveal how to fix the flaw. The Veriflow solution works equally well across various network layers in multi-vendor environments. The underlying technology provides rapid analysis of network-wide reachability and quality issues, so network operations teams can use Veriflow to greatly reduce the time and resources required to proactively avoid problems. The technology also enables verification of redundant paths to ensure network resilience as per disaster recovery plans. By making Veriflow an integral part of the network operations workflow, network staff can find and fix problems within every change window, long before end users or services may be affected.