Veriflow: Enabling the Cloud and Actuating the Future of Networking

Today at Veriflow we announced massive pioneering advancements to our Continuous Network Verification platform. CloudPredict is a major achievement for our team and marks an industry-first hybrid-cloud verification solution. This revolutionary technology enables a new level of assurance into cloud deployments, giving network operations and data center teams “X-ray vision” into the infrastructure of the cloud.

Modern clouds provide a valuable infrastructure for offloading compute, storage and networking capabilities, allowing enterprises to achieve scale on-demand and meet business objectives. Large public clouds including AWS, Azure, Google have been popular. But just because you move your infrastructure, problems around complexity, change and human error do not go away. They are only transferred to another location, another network with its own quirks and another IT team. This loss of visibility and control, combined with the fact that cloud infrastructure deployment and management are siloed across differing internal IT teams, has been a barrier to cloud adoption. At Veriflow we took on this challenge and see CloudPredict as a natural extension of our on-premise verification capabilities. CloudPredict will enable hybrid-cloud deployments and provide an opportunity for our company and investors to solve some of our customers’ biggest challenges.

Intent-based networking (IBN), with its promise of autonomous networks, has been all the rage this summer. As a pioneer in this field, we are excited at this additional attention. But we recognize that this is a journey. And like all journeys, the journey into intent does not start and stop on the same stone. The thought of fully automated networks that are self-healing is a bit daunting. This is a perception that this promising new market will need to overcome. The overall lack of control and knowledge about current network behavior is the basis for many of the fears surrounding IBN. Today there are numerous approaches to validate and understand the state of the network. These methods, when applied to monitoring AI-driven eco-systems, do not build the level of confidence required to unleash an entirely automated and self-aware system. We have taken a more evolutionary approach to IBN, one that recognizes the first step on the journey to intuitive networks is obtaining complete verification that the current network is behaving as originally intended.

Our approach to IBN is simple. Automate, clean up and verify what you have in the network today before you unleash another transformational technology that comes with full automation and orchestration. IBN and autonomous networks are the future, and that future starts with Veriflow.

Today marks another of many advances in our Continuous Network Verification platform. Our mission is still the same – Eliminate Network Outages and Vulnerabilities – and today we take a huge leap toward solving that goal for our customers while planting a seed for more things to come. Our team will continue to drive innovation along this path until our goal is reached, and we have made the design, deployment, and operation of the network as mundane and uneventful as microwaving a bag of popcorn or turning on the television.

For more information on CloudPredict, read Verfilow Chief Science Officer, Matt Caesar’s blog Hybrid-Cloud Visibility with Veriflow: Resilience, Availability and Protection in the Cloud. To gain insights into all of our solutions and Continuous Network Verification visit our website and solution pages.