Veriflow Enables Network Segmentation and Vulnerability Detection

network segmentation and vulnerability detection

Network segmentation and micro segmentation form the first line of defense against potential cyber-attacks by blocking lateral movements in the network from the weakest user segments to critical data centers. Most organizations lack comprehensive segmentation policies, and implementation of such policies is complex and prone to vulnerabilities due to human errors. Current approaches to verify network segmentation and detect vulnerabilities cannot keep up with the changing threat landscape. Veriflow ensures network segmentation comprehensively and detects vulnerabilities proactively by using continuous network verification.

Challenges of Network Segmentation
The most challenging aspect of network architecture and operations is to balance the need for reachability that provides business functionality with the need for segmentation that ensures security. Network complexity and human error are the main causes of potential vulnerabilities whenever there is a change in the network. Current approaches to validate network segmentation rely on manually checking connectivity or isolating a limited sample of source and destination pairs. This effort pales in the face of the astronomically large number of possible ways traffic can flow in a network. Thus, not all potential vulnerabilities are detected, resulting in enormously costly future breaches.

Benefits of Veriflow Solution
Veriflow’s network segmentation and vulnerability detection solution is unique, unlike legacy techniques that are manual and limited in scope. Veriflow performs a mathematically comprehensive analysis of the entire network’s state against a set of broadly defined policies. This predictive approach enables comprehensive insights regarding the network’s operational correctness: if there is any potential vulnerability in the network, Veriflow will find it and provide precise examples that reveal how to fix the flaw. Veriflow helps organize segmentation policies that work equally well across various network layers in multi-vendor environments. The underlying technology provides end-to-end verification of segmentation along with deep network insights, so network operations teams can automate the detection and elimination of vulnerabilities before they can be exploited for breaches. By making Veriflow an integral part of the network operations workflow, network staff can ensure that every change to the network is safe.