Veriflow Accelerates Incident Response during Network Outages and Breaches

rapid incident response

For today’s technology-dependent businesses, network outages and breaches due to complexity, human error and malicious intent are an unwelcome reality. Swift response to such incidents is critical to avoid tremendous financial and reputational losses. However, network operations staff currently relies on manual troubleshooting to identify and fix problems, which is time consuming and resource intensive. Veriflow enables the broad, deep and interactive analysis of complex network behavior that is required for rapid incident response in case of outages and breaches.

Challenges of Incident Response
The most important aspects of incident response are identifying the scope and root cause of the outage or breach before implementing any fix. However, modern networks are large and complex, incorporating multiple layers of technologies, vendors and architectures. And network operations teams have limited visibility into network behavior due to the lack of automated network analysis tools. In most cases, they struggle with manual troubleshooting and employ trial-and-error methodology as the last resort, which wastes time and resources. Consequently, business losses mount because it takes many hours of cumbersome forensic analysis to identify and isolate problems, and even longer to implement and verify the fixes.

Benefits of Veriflow Solution
Veriflow’s solution is well suited for rapid incident response, unlike legacy techniques such as per-device troubleshooting, traffic analysis or configuration checks. Veriflow performs mathematically exhaustive analysis of the entire network’s state against a set of broadly defined policies that are based upon deep network knowledge. This approach enables comprehensive insights regarding the network’s operational correctness: if there is an outage or vulnerability in the network, Veriflow will find it and provide precise examples that reveal how to fix the flaw. Veriflow’s solution works equally well across various network layers in multi-vendor environments. The underlying technology provides rapid analysis of network-wide reachability and security forensics with a few clicks, so network operations teams can use Veriflow to greatly reduce the time and resources required to accurately pinpoint the root cause of problems. The technology also makes it easy to verify the fixes deployed in response to incidents, ensuring that the problems do not reoccur. By making Veriflow an integral part of the network operations workflow, users can establish a history of network behavior for correlation with internal and external events.