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Veriflow’s patented continuous network verification technology can predict all possible network-wide behavior and mathematically verify availability and security of your network.


Network Uptime & Availability

The most important function of the network is connectivity. Keeping customers and end-users online and connected to business applications is the driving force behind network availability ratings and the elusive “five nines”. Veriflow assures continuous end-to-end network availability, and verifies disaster recovery plans in multi-vendor environments, on-premises and into the cloud. It also allows you to quickly determine whether changes are necessary to provision access for a new service. With Veriflow, you can:

  • Continuously verify intended availability of network-wide connectivity between critical services and your users
  • Automatically pinpoint vulnerabilities in best practices and infrastructure resilience using intent inference
  • Search using natural yet powerful queries to see paths that are allowed and blocked, and the root cause of drops
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Segmentation Assurance

Network security incidents are an uncomfortable reality of life, despite all our efforts to prevent them. Well-protected networks adopt a defense-in-depth strategy, which acknowledges that any end-host might be compromised and relies on the network infrastructure as the first line of defense, in the form of segmentation and micro-segmentation. However, it can be difficult to ensure that a complex network is fully segmented and that the intent is maintained across multiple teams and thousands of changes. With Veriflow, you can:

  • Continuously assure segmentation with a clear definition of the intent and mathematical verification that it is being met
  • Identify inconsistencies in access control automatically
  • Verify changes to access control pre-deployment
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Multi-cloud Verification

Today, the cloud is a black box to many networking teams. For a simple deployment, manually checking a configuration might be enough. But as deployments accelerate, so does their complexity, with a growing number of virtual networks, cloud providers, interconnectivity features, and security controls. This complexity is growing faster than the networking team’s ability to ensure that the environment is fully understood and secure. Veriflow enables networking and cloud teams to open the black box of the cloud before it impedes the business’s agility. By leveraging Veriflow’s patented technology that models networks independent of the underlying vendor, hardware, or cloud provider, you can:

  • Visualize and search for paths and objects across multi-cloud and hybrid environments
  • Verify segmentation of cloud applications to assure infrastructure security without impacting the agility of application teams
  • Assure compliance and track changes across snapshots of the hybrid network, knowing you have full knowledge of your environment and how it functions
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Continuous Compliance & Dynamic Mapping

At Veriflow, we believe that automation of compliance and audit is vital to mitigate technology risk to your business.  By automating network compliance you are able to save time and resources associated with routine tasks. Veriflow’s continual standards verification delivers accurate audit data, significantly reducing the risk of human error due to manual spot checks. Dynamic network mapping allows you to continuously document your network topology and verify that all compliance requirements and design intents are being followed.  Veriflow allows you to:

  • Dynamically map an accurate topology of your multi-vendor hybrid network
  • Continually assure compliance of the network with industry best practices and regulatory requirements
  • Automatically audit your entire network and maintain historical snapshots
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Network Change Analytics

Today’s networks undergo continual change. However, the reality is most network administrators don’t know the entire functional effect of a change because their tools track changes on a device-by-device basis.  To avoid change-induced incidents, analyzing the changes in end-to-end network behavior is vital. By leveraging Veriflow for continual change verification, you can:

  • Detect unplanned changes through a dynamic “diff” between any two snapshots of the network alerting you to key changes in state, configuration, and end-to-end behavior
  • Perform pre-deployment verification of the impact of access control changes and visualize “what if” scenarios interactively with Veriflow’s Preflight feature
  • Ensure post-change correctness with deeply rigorous predictive modeling of the reality of your network alerting you of potential change-induced outages or vulnerabilities
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