Despite our best efforts to prevent them, network outages and security incidents continue to happen. A critical part of any remediation and triage plan is to identify root causes and enable rapid response. But accomplishing this in today’s high-density data centers and enterprise networks, which incorporate multiple layers of technologies from multiple vendors and reach into the cloud, can seem next to impossible.

Proactive rapid response with search like Google Maps for your network

Intent-based networking: The easy button for change
It’s verification, it’s changing networks and it’s HERE!

5 key facts about IBN
5 Things to Know About Rapid Response

Network verification: Key to providing business assurance
Network Verification: Key to Providing Business Assurance [Whitepaper]

At Veriflow we overcome visibility issues inherent in device-by-device and flow-based troubleshooting, by giving you visibility into your entire network behavior. Our patented technology continuously creates a dynamic, vendor-agnostic map across the entirety of your network. Network operations teams equipped with a visually intuitive map can search and pinpoint the root causes of network disruptions and security vulnerabilities. Network and security teams gain complete visibility beyond the device and into systemic network-wide behavior. This allows for quick forensic analysis while decreasing response and downtime.

Identify Network Security Vulnerabilities
Prevent Network Outages. Identify Network Security Vulnerabilities

Hybrid-Cloud Visibility with Veriflow
Veriflow Chief Science Officer, Matt Caesar comments on Hybrid-Cloud Visibility and Resilience

intent based networking - questions and answers
Intent-Based Networking: Top 10 Questions and Answers

intent based networking - questions and answers
Deliver Complete Network Assurance with Continuous Network Verification [Solution Overview]

CloudPredict Multi-Cloud Solution
Network Segmentation & Vulnerability Detection