Pandora and CloudPredict Assure Success in the Cloud

One of the highlights of leading a startup is working with companies who also want to drive innovation and pave the way into the future of networking. Veriflow is pleased to welcome Pandora, one of those forward-oriented companies, as a customer of Veriflow’s CloudPredict. CloudPredict is an industry first in bringing formal verification and intent-based networking into the cloud. CloudPredict from Veriflow overcomes the lack of visibility and awareness into network behavior that limits confidence in working within multi-cloud environments. It exposes the infrastructure of the cloud while getting under the hood of the operating function of a network previously hidden from view. Pandora chose Veriflow and CloudPredict to gain a single view of their architecture and flow behavior across their on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

Organizations embracing a cloud strategy are finding a common scenario; cloud providers are giving a logical view of the network without sharing a view of the physical infrastructure. This raises concerns within networking teams who have no visibility into what is being deployed where, or how it will affect the behavior of the entire network. This separation between silos of visibility among the different groups–those who are implementing the cloud and those who are managing day to day operations alongside their on-premises infrastructure–has slowed cloud migration and adoption. Why? The network operation team can no longer “see” or understand their network behavior as one cohesive system, increasing the real risk of exposing data, causing unnecessary outages and disrupting critical business objectives. This is the challenge that must be overcome for IT departments who are looking to gain the benefits of cloud-based infrastructure, and one we took on last year with CloudPredict.

We hear constantly of the Digital Transformation and initiatives to support moving business-driven outcomes to a digital model–a model that is not just supported by, but led by the network connection. Pandora’s entire business model and route to market is the network. They connect musicians to their fans and deliver billions of hours of entertainment, all through the network. They are genuinely a cloud company, delivering a streaming music service from the cloud and leveraging a multi-cloud strategy to connect fans to music anytime and anywhere. An always-on, resilient and protected network is critical to the success of Pandora. Veriflow is proud that CloudPredict will contribute to Pandora’s continued success by providing confidence in cloud operations.

The cloud transformation isn’t just coming, it’s already here. Hybrid-cloud adoption grew by 300 percent globally in 20171, and 83% of workloads are predicted to be cloud-based by 20202. Although approximately 80 percent of IT budgets are currently committed to cloud solutions3 the lack of visibility and comprehensive awareness into network behavior is still a significant dilemma. In response to this challenge Veriflow is providing unified verification by intelligently modeling and mathematically verifying network behavior to lift the veil of visibility into the cloud and ensure ongoing business successes. We look forward to our continued partnership with Pandora and other forward-leaning companies who are looking to innovative solutions to solve their customers’ problems and enable their digital initiatives.

To learn more about CloudPredict, visit our solution page.