Network segmentation is a critical consideration in any network design. Yet we continually rely on outdated methods to verify that segmentation is implemented correctly. And these same static and reactive tools are failing to keep up with the dynamic, always-changing network. Often just one missed ACL rule denies service or worse, allows unrestricted access, enabling a malicious actor to breach your network.

Read our white paper and learn how to provide complete segmentation assurance with automated ACL management. We cover:

  • Why current static and reactive approaches are failing.
  • How mathematical modeling can identify and predict errors.
  • How network designs can align to business need and be verified.
  • How it is possible to provide network-wide verification without disrupting the network.

Veriflow has pioneered a new approach that models and mathematically verifies all traffic flows before a single packet hits the wire. Continuous Network Verification is the first genuinely proactive and predictive solution to assuring the network is resilient and protected. Read the white paper; don’t delay. Book some time with an engineer to see the power of this platform before your next outage or incident occurs.

For more information on providing segmentation assurance with automated ACL Management, take a look at our solution overview