Network verification: the key ingredient to achieving operational excellence

Networks are complex. Unfortunately, complexity has too often been a barrier in achieving operational excellence. In today’s world of digital transformation, the network is too central to business to continue on our current operational path.

What we need is a new path forward that overcomes network complexity, while also assuring network operational excellence. Developing this path isn’t just the next step in the development of the IT Lifecycle; it’s the evolutionary step we need now to survive in the digital economy.

Download and read Achieving Network Operational Excellence with Continuous Network Verification. We explore this challenge and offer insight on how to

  • Gain awareness into the entire enterprise network as a coherent system,
  • Ensure the network performs as intended and aligns with business objectives,
  • Leverage a DevOps workflow approach to ensure that network changes are integrated, delivered and managed in a continuous, closed-loop fashion,
  • Employ Continuous Network Verification to provide automated, network verification.