The most important function of the network is connectivity. Keeping customers and end-users online and connected to business applications is the driving force behind network availability ratings and the elusive Five Nines. The Veriflow solution assures continuous end-to-end network availability and continuous application availability, and verifies disaster recovery plans in multi-vendor environments, on–prem and into the cloud.

Automate thousands of checks, across millions of paths, to provide business assurance

Intent-based networking: The easy button for change

Demo On-Demand: Assurance of Network Resilience Throughout Continual IT Lifecycle

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5 Things to Know About Network Availability and Resiliency

Network verification: Key to providing business assurance
Network Verification: Key to Providing Business Assurance [Whitepaper]

Many network availability issues and service interruptions are due to the complexity within our environments. Today’s network and data center operators must deal with multiple vendors and multiple deployment technologies: legacy, cloud, virtualization, SDN, containers, and whatever the future may bring. Every time we change the network, which can number in the thousands in any given month, it is this very complex network environment that we must verify for correctness to ensure the network is available and resilient.

At Veriflow we ensure continuous application availability and network resilience with Continuous Network Verification. Our revolutionary method uses predictive algorithms that allow you to see into the future state of your network. With this level of intelligence, you can identify vulnerabilities in network resilience before they lead to a service outage. Veriflow not only reduces network downtime, it eliminates change-induced outages, identifies security vulnerabilities, and verifies disaster recovery plans – across your entire network and into the cloud.

Identify Network Security Vulnerabilities
Prevent Network Outages. Identify Network Security Vulnerabilities

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intent based networking - questions and answers
Deliver Complete Network Assurance with Continuous Network Verification [Solution Overview]

Network Segmentation & Vulnerability Detection
Continuous Compliance & Dynamic Mapping