The Mainstreaming of Network Verification

As the original pioneers of intent verification, we at Veriflow recognized the value this technology could provide to our customers years ago. In 2011, our founders published the original research paper applying formal verification methodology to assure network-wide intent in an operational network. This paper and subsequent research not only gained widespread accolades and awards in the academic community but also served as the foundation for our patented, award-winning Continuous Network Verification technology today, which we were the first to announce to the market in April 2016. Check out the original announcement in NetworkWorld.

This week, Cisco’s announcement embracing mathematical verification as a method for assuring network intent serves as yet another proof-point that formal network verification is rapidly becoming a mainstream practice for all networks.

But, for now, the challenge remains the same for our customers: How to verify network-wide intent for complex networks, comprised of multiple vendors, built both on-premises and in multi-cloud environments. That is the challenge we embrace at Veriflow.

Operationally effective network-wide intent verification incorporates three disciplines simultaneously. First, the platform must be compatible with a broad array of networking technologies and workflow platforms, as today’s networks are complex, and built on multiple brands and generations of networking technology. Second, the platform must be automated and capable of learning and inferring network intent – simplifying thousands of time-consuming network operations workflows. And, finally, the platform must be interactive – delivering a robust user experience to visually simplify complex workflows, and able to easily exchange knowledge and intelligence with other platforms.

At Veriflow, we are proud to be the pioneer in continuous network verification, and we are pleased to see the technology gain momentum. We are flattered that Cisco recognizes the market our founders envisioned 5+ years ago, and expect others to join this movement.

Please dig in, review our white papers, blogs, videos and use cases on continuous network verification. Speak to our customers and our employees; that is where you will see the unique advantages Veriflow possesses.

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