Introducing Veriflow for Network Protection

Introducing Veriflow for Network Protection Blog

Veriflow started, as most startups do, with a combination of a major question and a technology challenge.

The Question: Protecting the Network

The question is obvious to any network professional today: today’s networks are getting harder to manage and more vulnerable by the day. Outages and breaches are an ongoing issue, with most of them treated only after the fact, when most of the damage is already done.

Being a network architect or engineer has always been a challenging profession, but consider these components facing network professionals today:

  • Incredible complexity: There’s big data, virtualization, cloud computing, software-defined networks, mobility and BYOD. Not to mention the IoT.
  • Constant change—whether architectural, transformational or micro;
  • Lack of policy strategy and best practices
  • The human element, with 80% of all network breaches and outages caused by human error.

The Challenge Facing Our Engineers

The concept behind Veriflow is both simple and incredibly difficult: to build the first ‘bullet-proof network.’ A group of computer science professors and Ph.D. students in Champaign, Illinois, after looking at the status quo of today’s network protection tools, asked the question: Why isn’t the enterprise network—as critical as it is to businesses and economies alike—not treated the same as the Mars Rover, artificial organs and power grids. Why is failure not an option in those fields and yet is an accepted fact of life in networking?

So the team set to work. They took an entirely new approach to network protection, using mathematical network verification, which is based on the principles of formal verification, and applied it to today’s complex networks. They also employed a wide collection of network policy best practices. The combination of these two technologies enables enterprises to prevent the outages and breaches that have become so much a part of life today.

What is perhaps most impressive about the approach that the team took is that the resulting platform performs mathematically exhaustive analysis across the entire network’s state. And it does so proactively—before vulnerabilities can be exploited or network outages are evident to the user. If there is a network policy violation, Veriflow will find it and provide a precise identification of the vulnerability and how to fix it. Veriflow can also provide mathematical evidence that the network is correct, giving enterprises the confidence to change their infrastructures.

Market Response

As important to any startup as technology breakthroughs are, the most important component is how the market responds. In our early discussions with potential customers and industry analysts, the response was: “You guys are really on to something here—a real game changer. “Shouldn’t every network be mathematically verified before you put live traffic on it infrastructure? Can’t wait to see if it works.”

The good news is that it does work. Our platform is currently deployed in production networks and lab trials with Federal government agencies as well as with multiple Fortune 500 companies in the financial services, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce and telecom markets. For the first time, companies are seeing the true reality of their network infrastructure in all of its glorious detail. It’s fun being fortune tellers.