What is Intent? And why have Gartner and now Cisco labeled it the “Next Big Thing”? Intent and intent-based networking (IBN) are about simplifying the process of implementing new upgrades and changes in any networking environment, and verifying the results match the original intent. This “easy button” for change will improve agility, reliability, and protection of the network. Intent-based networking is going to allow teams to reduce their technological debt, without increasing workloads or adding complexity.

Intent: Move beyond the command line and get back to operating great networks

Intent-based networking: The easy button for change
Intent-based networking: The easy button for change

5 key facts about IBN
5 Things to know about IBN

For network operation teams intent-based networking platforms will allow daily routine tasks to be automated and instantly aligned to business objectives. According to a blog posted by Cisco, “Intent-based networking allows IT to move from tedious traditional processes to automating intent, making it possible to manage millions of devices in minutes,” and we agree. Intent-based networking allows network operation teams to embrace automation without the need to develop the software. Teams now can stop chasing fires and focus on operating great networks. IBN is more than a game changer—intent based networking (IBN) is a new game altogether and is rewriting the rules for designing, building and operating great networks.


Identify Network Security Vulnerabilities
Prevent Network Outages. Identify Network Security Vulnerabilities

closing the control loop
Verification and Intent-Based Networking: Closing the Control Loop

intent based networking - questions and answers
Intent-Based Networking: Top 10 Questions and Answers

Intent-based networking: Move networks from fragile to agile