Intent-Based Networking: The journey starts with Veriflow

Intent-based networking (IBN) enables agile, resilient and business-centric networks. It is a paradigm shift that focuses on what the network is supposed to do versus how the network components are configured. It allows organizations to design, build, verify and operate networks based upon what is intended from a business perspective. The critical aspects of IBN are described below:

Intent-Based Networking graphic

Business-Oriented Intent Is Paramount
IBN always keeps the business goal, such as enabling or protecting a service, at its forefront. Configuring a rule in a firewall may just be one of the many steps performed to achieve the intended behavior. IBN ensures that the business intent guides all phases of the network design, build, verification and operation. Veriflow provides the automation and intelligence of IBN assurance via patented formal mathematical algorithms.

Network as a System
IBN requires the network be designed and operated as an end-to-end system rather than as a mere configuration of individual devices and interfaces. Veriflow allows network engineers to verify that the entire network is behaving as intended for application availability, segmentation and compliance.

Continuous Verification of Intent
Verification is an important element of IBN, ensuring that the intended behavior is actually realized while building and operating networks. Changes made by humans in complex networks are the primary cause of outages and vulnerabilities. Veriflow enables continuous verification of networks while new services are launched and upon every change.

Technology and Vendor Agnostic
IBN ensures that the intent of the network is realized regardless of the underlying technologies or equipment from various vendors. Networks may consist of multiple private and public clouds, software-defined networks (SDN) and legacy architectures. Veriflow provides awareness and assurance of such heterogeneous networks in a technology- and vendor-agnostic manner.

IBN Enables Agility and Resilience
IBN automates the necessary correlation between business and technology in the networking arena, allowing agile and resilient operations. Veriflow’s extensive search capability enables rapid incident response in case of outages or breaches by analyzing the entire network in just a few clicks.

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