Gartner Report: Avoid These ‘Bottom 10’ Networking Worst Practices

Years of “network survival” have taken their toll. Doing what is right for today, without looking at long-term effects, has increased technological debt and network complexity. And complexity has become enemy number one in providing network assurance. As Gartner states, “In essence, complexity is the enemy of availability, security and agility.”

In the report, Avoid These ‘Bottom 10’ Networking Worst Practices, Gartner links these common behaviors to increased network outages, decreased agility and increased costs.
Download the report to look at these key challenges and learn actions to overcome them:

  • Suboptimal network practices result in downtime, reduce network agility, waste human and capital resources and lead to suboptimal network investment.
  • Scaling network infrastructure amid changing requirements is difficult, and often leads networking teams to focus on what is tactically right — which may be strategically wrong.
  • Most network teams are being asked to do more with less, which increases the importance of optimizing existing behaviors to drive better scale.

Avoid These ‘Bottom 10’ Networking Worst Practices
Published: 04 December 2017 by Andrew Lerner, Bill Menezes, Vivek Bhalla, Danellie Young