Do you have a diagram of your network? If so, what is it doing for you?

At Veriflow, we believe an interactive dynamic map goes beyond telling what is in your network. A network map should let you verify that the network is operating as intended. Dynamic network mapping and Continuous Network Verification allow you to look at your network topology and verify that all rules and design intents are being followed. With the push of a button, verify that segmentation policies are being maintained, across the entirety of the network. Know without a doubt before you go home, that the network will maintain regulatory compliance despite the many network configuration changes. You can now maintain strict continuous compliance across your entire network that extends into the cloud.

Automate thousands of checks, across millions of paths, to assure continuous network compliance

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Currently you can look at configuration files, device by device, and perform pings and traceroutes; but can you verify that an update will not have any unwanted or unseen effects, such as bringing down applications and services across the entirety of your network? With Veriflow, you can, with thousands of automated checks that verify millions of possible paths.

At Veriflow our mission is to prevent network outages and vulnerabilities. And we believe that starts by accurately being able to show what and where each device is in your network topology. Veriflow dynamic network mapping constructs a dynamic map of your network based on state data from your networking devices, allowing every link and flow to be tested. Veriflow’s advanced mathematical algorithms based on formal methods look at all forwarding behavior ­– every packet, every possible combination of header bits, and every possible path through the entirety of the network – to continuously verify that network behavior matches intent. Violations of intent are flagged for easy troubleshooting and remediation.

Identify Network Security Vulnerabilities
Prevent Network Outages. Identify Network Security Vulnerabilities

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intent based networking - questions and answers
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