CloudPredict™ SaaS – The next step to building an agile, available and protected network

This week we released our latest product, CloudPredict™ SaaS, which is designed to address specific challenges our customers face when migrating their critical applications to the public cloud. The product launch has been very exciting, and we’ve received a tremendously positive response from the media and analysts. In the wake of this announcement, I want to spend a few moments and reflect on our journey to this point – what led us to this announcement and what this means for our customers and for the future.

As most are aware, last year we expanded our Veriflow platform, introducing a unified view into on-premises networks and multi-cloud environments. We branded that expansion as our original CloudPredict™ offering. When we launched CloudPredict™, we knew there was a need for a solution like this, but what we didn’t know was just how deep the challenges are for enterprises as they embark on the journey of migrating their critical applications to the cloud. Our original CloudPredict™ product was hugely successful, and today, more than 70 percent of our customers use CloudPredict™ alongside our original Veriflow enterprise platform.

Over the past year, we saw, time and again, customers facing not only technical challenges with cloud migration but also organizational and visibility challenges specifically within the public-cloud portion of their networks.

As a result, late last year we commissioned an independent survey with the intent of determining if our early observations were, in fact, real or if they were just an anomaly. The survey was commissioned through an independent research firm, Dimensional Research, was conducted completely independently of Veriflow, and spanned IT professionals across five continents. When the survey results came back, we were astonished to see that our early assumptions were “verified” (so to speak). The results validated that the cloud adoption challenges we were seeing in our customers were amplified across the majority of enterprises in the U.S. and across the globe.

I’m not going to go into the entire set of findings, but below are just a few key takeaways from the survey:

This brings us directly back to our new product offering this week, CloudPredict™ SaaS.

Our original vision for CloudPredict™ was to create a bridge between our customers on-premises networks and the cloud, providing a unified view of the entire network and its behavior. CloudPredict™ SaaS is the next step in that vision – going beyond the unification of network knowledge to unify the teams involved in today’s complex cloud environments.

CloudPredict™ SaaS:

  • Deploys in the cloud in minutes, making implementation easier for cloud and DevOps teams.
  • Provides visibility into the cloud network, thus addressing a critical need identified by our customers.
  • Improves the agility of networking teams while verifying the integrity of the public cloud network by unifying networking discipline and best practices with DevOps speed.
  • Shrinks time to find and fix problems in the public cloud network – an area where most customers see increasing challenges.

Through this process, we’ve come to learn that we are still in the early days of cloud adoption, and while the end goal will result in more streamlined networks and applications, the path there is still bumpy. Teams are still learning how to collaborate and how to address new challenges.

Our mission at Veriflow remains the same – to predict outages and vulnerabilities in our customers’ networks – and with this latest release we’ve taken the next step in allowing networking, cloud and DevOps teams to work together to keep their public cloud implementations agile, secure, and compliant.

To learn more about CloudPredict™ SaaS visit our product page