Changing the Network Protection Game

Network Protection

Today’s networks are under attack like never before. The attacks come both from without and from within. Most are unintentional (a single typo’d line in a config file), but some aren’t. And it’s only going to get worse.

As the enterprise network migrates from institutional plumbing to business asset, any outage or breach is not just a technical issue but a bottom-line concern. The problem is that the status quo can’t protect the network. The current mindset is that outages and breaches are going to happen: the key is to recognize and fix them ASAP. The tools are device-oriented rather than taking a network-wide perspective.

Veriflow’s Unique Approach:  Mathematical Formal Verification

At Veriflow, we are leading a revolution in how people protect, manage and secure their networks. We do that by leveraging the mathematical approach of formal verification, coupled with our breakthrough algorithms that apply this approach to network infrastructure. Our techniques let enterprises and service providers understand their networks at a level of scale and depth never before achievable, and to do so with a simplicity that enables drop-in deployments and uniquely intuitive visualizations.

Veriflow is uniquely positioned to lead the industry in this advance. Our team comprises internationally recognized researchers in networking and algorithms, industry leaders with decades of experience in policy and security platforms, and the inventors of network verification technology. You’ll be hearing from them in the coming weeks in this blog space.

At Veriflow, we believe it is time for a new approach to network protection. Our unique approach and technology enables dramatic improvement in network security and resilience by making change-induced breaches and outages a thing of the past. For more information, please contact us at