Network Verification: Predicting the Future of Complex Networks

A new kind of automation uses math to help ensure business goals continuously match reality

Across all sorts of networks today – in enterprises large and small, service providers, government agencies, and beyond – there is a transformation towards a software-driven architecture. Where procedures were once manual, they are becoming more automated, driven perhaps foremost by the need for agility, while maintaining availability and protection.

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Business Assurance with Continuous Network Verification

Whether in an enterprise, a service provider, or a government agency, the network has a challenging mission. It has to provide the organization with an agile platform to adapt to changing business needs, from delivering content to rolling out new services to leveraging cloud computing. And it has to provide a dependable platform, free from outages and vulnerabilities.Read More

Network Segmentation: How Can You Find Vulnerabilities Before They’re Exploited?

Today’s enterprises recognize that perimeter security is not enough. With its surface constantly under attack, some part of the network will very likely be compromised. But most commonly the first point of entry is not at the most sensitive data and services. So, attackers try to move laterally within the corporate infrastructure, accessing increasingly valuable data and leading to a breach.Read More