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Prevent Outages and Vulnerabilities in Your Network

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One Platform to Predict, Analyze and Verify Your Hybrid Network

Network Uptime & Availability
Segmentation Assurance
Multi-Cloud Verification
Compliance & Dynamic Mapping
Network Change Analytics

Prevent network outages and reduce downtime by seeing problems before they affect users

Availability is the lifeblood of your network. But how can you ensure high uptime without understanding how your network will behave? Veriflow builds a mathematical model of your multi-vendor network, and continually performs millions of network-wide checks – predicting potential problems before they lead to service outages.



In this example, Veriflow has automatically detected a potential network outage due to resiliency misconfiguration between a pair of routers – just one of the millions of best practice checks Veriflow performs on your network.

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Rigorously verify isolation between security zones across the network

Proper network segmentation is key to protecting hosts and services. But today’s networks are highly complex, with overlays and underlays, hybrid clouds, thousands of devices, millions of end-to-end paths, and an almost unimaginable number of possible flows. Veriflow understands how the entire network will behave, and continually verifies that network segmentation intent is being met.



In this example, by modeling all possible paths and packets without needing to observe live traffic, Veriflow automatically verified segmentation intent and isolated a vulnerability before it was exploited.

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5 Things to Know about Segmentation Assurance

Unify verification and visualization across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud networks

“Going to the cloud” has become an everyday reality for the majority of IT departments. But while cloud applications are closely monitored, the cloud’s virtual network is obscured today, and is equally prone to problems. The rapidly increasing complexity of the network infrastructure and its policies and controls, and subtle differences across cloud environments, raise real-world risks in protection and compliance. Veriflow provides a unified model of the network, across cloud providers and hybrid networks, so networking and cloud operations teams can work together to easily understand and verify their infrastructure.



In this example, a simple yet powerful search in Veriflow shows paths across multiple cloud providers and many kinds of devices.

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Automate millions of compliance checks to meet regulatory requirements

Periodic, sample-based audits and manual checks do not sufficiently eliminate security risks, despite the tedious effort and cost required to comply with PCI, HIPAA, STIG, GDPR, and other regulatory requirements. Veriflow enables always-on compliance verification of network behavior, and automates audit documentation and topology drawings that accurately reflect the network as built.



In this example, Veriflow maps your entire network, visualizing all network devices, topology, and best practice checks.

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5 Things to Know about Compliance Verification

Continually verify changes and their impact on network behavior

Networks are under continual change to meet business needs. Whether planned, unplanned, or simply ad-hoc, changes carry the risk of triggering an outage, vulnerability, or simply uncertainty in the state of the network. To combat these effects you must create a discipline of continuously verifying the impact of changes throughout the network’s lifecycle. Veriflow enables you to identify all changes to your network, and their impact to your business.



In this example, Veriflow compares any two snapshots of the network, identifying changes to intent and network state and verifying that the change achieved the desired network-wide effect.

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Customers, Accolades and Industry Awards

With Veriflow, we now have a single view of policy, architecture, and flow behavior across our on-premise and multi-cloud environment that is extensible into our existing systems.

James Kelty

Director of Network Services | Pandora Media

Veriflow is the first networking company to use formal verification to eliminate change-induced network vulnerabilities and outages. We look forward to collaborating with Veriflow in the near future.

Tony Kerrison

Global Head of Infrastructure Services | Barclays

Veriflow is a continuous network verification tool ... this tool goes out, builds a network graph, finds out that I violated my policy…We see this as a DoD first, and this very well may be a world first ... so we are very excited by this

David Stern

Enterprise Architect | Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Understanding network behavior is critical to maintaining a secure and resilient network. Ensuring proper network segmentation is a key part of our network security defense. Using the Veriflow platform, we can create custom network intents, tailored to the specific business needs of Logix, and feel confident that we’re catching any vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Ed Chuang

Chief Information Officer | Logix Federal Credit Union

I’ve seen two large enterprises do an HA validation...That took a team of several engineers a year to complete using weekend change windows. The cost of doing that might have paid for a Veriflow license several times over!

Peter Welcher

CCIE, CCDP, CCSI, Architect, Operations Technical Advisor | Netcraftsman

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